Bringing medical imaging to life

We're transforming how clinicians see and engage with medical images with intuitive, easily generated holograms for pre-operative planning

Bringing medical
images to life

We're transforming how clinicians see and engage with medical images using intuitive, easily generated holograms at the point of care

“The surgical team gets a more aligned and spatially accurate view of the patients' anatomy using holograms”

Dr. Henrik Brun
Pediatric cardiologist
Oslo University Hospital

Plan and deliver surgery
with a new perspective

Our platform is designed to give clinicians an interactive, spatial view of anatomy. They can move, rotate and expand the hologram with their hands, seeing the organ from any angle and using intuitive tools to help develop precise surgical plans

Collaborate and agree on the right answer, faster, wherever you are

We're giving multidisciplinary teams a shared view of anatomy, so they can quickly agree on the challenge and spend more time discussing their plan, whether working in person or remote

Simple, fast and intuitive to fit with how you work

Our solution has been designed to fit seamlessly into surgical workflows, with a simple upload, automatic processing and easy sharing across multidisciplinary teams so it’s easy for clinicians to get started

Our ambition

Better, faster, safer surgeries

We believe

Fewer complications,
fewer readmissions

We believe that with a shared perspective and better visibility of critical anatomical features (e.g. blood vessels) there will be less chance of adverse surgical events occurring

More surgeries,
shorter waiting lists

We believe that with enhanced visualisation of anatomy before and during surgery, surgeons will be able to perform faster surgeries, with better outcomes; reducing time spent recovering in the ICU or ward

More effective
MDT meetings

We believe that with instant, shared and aligned 3D view of anatomy, surgeons will be able to discuss cases more efficiently and get back to caring for patients earlier

Bring holograms to life on your phone

Scan the QR code with the camera on your smartphone or tablet to open our AR application.

Bring our holograms to life on your phone or tablet

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