Simple, fast, intuitive

Disruptive technologies shouldn't disrupt your work.

Generate holographic images on demand with little effort

Disruptive technologies shouldn't disrupt your work. Generate holograms on demand with little effort


Upload your standard DICOM images to our platform straight from your desktop, with automatic anonymisation

Edit and validate

Our platform uses AI to automatically segment DICOM images and translates them into accurate, easily editable, 3D models

View and interact

See your holograms straight away when you put on the headset

Architecture to support a modern workflow

Empowering the whole clinical team

Transforming how multidisciplinary teams collaborate by giving them a shared view of anatomy. Everyone in the room can interact with the same hologram, simplifying collaboration and bringing together diverse perspectives.

Easy collaboration, in person or remote

Bring colleagues into planning sessions from wherever they are with our virtual collaboration tools.  Develop plans with the same view of anatomy as if you were in the room together.

High standards for security & privacy

Keep high standards for patient privacy with automatic anonymisation. All patient sensitive information stays on your computer, and holograms are protected by medical grade encryption.

Create holograms in your browser with intuitive editing

Take full control of the 3D model with easy editing of our AI powered segmentations. Simply mark the area to be included or excluded and our tool does the rest.

Digital tools anyone
can master

Putting anatomy in your hands

The only tools needed to interact with holograms are your hands. Move virtual anatomy in the same way you interact with it in real life. Scale it up or down to see the big picture or the finer details.

Mark and measure areas of interest

Mark out areas of interest for further discussion, with a simple marker tool. Calculate real distances between points to help you make the best plan you can.

Intuitive resection planning

Plan liver resections with precision with our intuitive tools. Drag and adjust the resection plane, with automatic calculation of proximity to the tumor and resection volume. Create and save multiple plans as you iterate and test with colleagues in search of the best approach.

See the heart from any angle

Get a better understanding of anatomy by moving and scaling the heart, even walking inside it for a precise view. Use the slice tool to look inside from any angle, helping you plan a precise approach.

View holograms and 2D imaging side by side

Compare the hologram side by side with traditional medical images if you need a different perspective. Easily scroll through layers on multiple planes or overlay the hologram directly onto the 2D images to bring them to life.

See the surgery before you deliver it

Giving you full visibility of your planned resection by separating it from the liver volume. Automatically calculated volumes for the resect and remnant give you confidence you're creating a precise, tissue sparing plan for the patient.