A passionate community of surgeons, designers and engineers

Our mission

We're transforming how surgeons see medical images, bringing them to life in the palm of their hand as intuitive, interactive holograms. HoloCare empowers surgeons with a new perspective, so can they spend less time and energy trying to see the problem, and more time trying to solve it.

Our story

HoloCare began in 2016 as a research collaboration between the Oslo University Hospital Intervention Centre and Sopra Steria, including multiple research partners. In 2019, HoloCare AS was formed as a company.

The Team

Alison Sundset
Chief Executive Officer
Malcolm Luker
Commercial Director
Jahn Otto Andersen
Chief Technology Officer
Bjørn Magnus Bjørnstad
Chief Financial Officer
Dag Otto Christensen
Chief Design Officer
Alan Morgan
Quality and Regulatory manager
Scott Leaman
Innovation Director
Marius Johansen
Chief Operational Officer
André Amundsen
R&D Manager
Knut Sandsmark
Developer, Mixed Reality
Jarl Erik Cedergren
UX Designer
Thea Østby
Developer, Cloud
Marcin Maslowski
Developer, Cloud
Joakim Qvale
UX Designer
Mikkel Svagård
Developer, Mixed Reality
Magnus Warvik
Developer, Mixed Reality
Børge Wiik
Developer, Cloud
Mathias Krafft
Quality Engineer, Tester
Christian Echtermeyer
Developer, AI

Clinical Collaborators

Henrik Brun
Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist
Ola Wiig
Consultant Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon, MD, PhD
Bjørn Edwin
Professor in surgery, MD, PhD
Rahul Kumar
Research Scientist, PhD
Gry Dahle
Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Egidijus Pelanis
Researcher, PhD candidate, MD
Matthias Lippert
Researcher, PhD candidate, MD
Ole Jakob Elle
Group leader, OUH
Morten Orbæk
Head of Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Jan Ivar Ernø
Specialist in Psychology

Board Members

Ronny Jevard
Board Member
Helle Thorsen
Board Member
Per Herseth
Board Member
Solfrid Skilbrigt